Harry McCracken of PCWorld offers the following Eight Reasons Your Next Computer Should Be A Mac:

  1. Macs are consistently consistent.
  2. The joy of predictability.
  3. Who needs security headaches?
  4. Crud, or the lack thereof.
  5. Details count.
  6. Apple is one of the world’s best software companies.
  7. The Apple Store’s Genius Bar rocks.
  8. Hey, Macs are PCs.

While I must admit that I do use a MacBook Pro I also have to acknowledge that the primary reason I do use a Mac is because it is the one platform that allows me to run Mac OS, XP, Vista and Ubuntu all on one system.  McCracken refers to this in point eight of his article. His first point “Macs are consistently consistent” is really an explanation of Mac being very reliable and extremely easy to use–my second reason for using a Mac.

Unfortunately, the folks at Apple believe that their uniqueness, ease of use and sexy design justify pricing the Mac at levels that are unrealistic. A base aluminum MacBook that has a Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB of RAM and an onboard video card starts at $1350 which is about $500-600 more than a similarly equiped HP, Toshiba or Sony. The 15″ MacBook Pro starts at $2500 and a fully decked out 17″ is well over $3400, so only diehard users or those who have the need and budget can afford these highend systems. The ardent Mac fans will quickly point out that you get so much more with a basic Mac (iLife suite) and other built in software that the addition cost is warranted.

Regardless of the excessive cost, the Mac is one of the easiest systems to use and for those who are looking for an easier way the Mac does deliver.

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