Here is a great list of online streaming video applications from Robin Good’s blog.

I highly recommend that you go give the whole article a good read as there is a wealth of great information on streaming video in the article.

How can Streaming video be used in Education? Most of my ideas are for a distance education course but could easily be applied to a Face to Face course.

  • The virtues of streaming video in a distance education course can bridge the gap of Face 2 Face education and Distance Education catering to more learning styles.
  • It can be recorded and played later so Distance students still get the benefit of a lecture format at a time that suits them.
  • Students that miss class can watch it at a later time to help them catch up.
  • Because there is a commenting feature you can have shy students ask questions during class that can be answered at a more convenient time in the lecture.
  • Students can stream presentations and if paired up with other web 2.0 tools like 280 slides could make for very dynamic presentations.
  • By early 2010 you will be able to use these tools with mobile devices, think of the appications of streaming live events like the Obama inauguration from hundreds of devices compiling different perspectives and opinions. Think of the papers that could be written from this kind of information.
  • Use it like a video blog to give extra information to students at different points of the week, send out vital information for an exam or research paper that is broadcast only once (this could be tips on places to do research, a clue to an answer on an exam, a student life lesson, a simple reminder, tips and tricks, proper APA formatting, or really get into it and create a mysterious persona for yourself and slip them vital course information as if they are in mission impossible and getting controband information). This works in several ways it reminds the students of the assignment, keeps them thinking about it, makes them feel like they are getting insider information, gets them actively involved, and keeps things fresh. You could make it a requirement to follow them or just a resource for great tips.

What would/have you done with video streaming in your course?