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An Email Address That Converts Documents to PDF

For those who don’t have Adobe Distiller of PDF writer installed on their system a simple email to will convert most files to the PDF format.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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  • Convert Anything

    While we may not need to do this everyday, we all run into a file, an image, video or something that needs to be converted from one format into another. Because many of us don’t need to do this on a daily basis we often can forget what program or site is the best for doing what we need to do–this is where sites like Conversion Central come in.

    Master lists of conversion tools that are well organized make it easier to to remember and bookmark not just one but literally hundreds of useful conversion tools in one or two clicks. Check out this latest list:

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  • Stripping out Word formatting

    In a recent conversation with a colleague I was reminded just how troublesome it can be to cut and past content from a Word document into a Blog, Content Management System (CMS), an HTML page or any other type of document or system is unable to deal with Word’s excessive formatting. Since I do most of my work online or in the Cloud I seldom use Word but instead use text editors like TextEdit, Text Wrangler, BBEdit, PFEdit and many more. Because I do most of my writing in a text editor I am not faced with dealing with Word until I inevitably have to open Word documents that come from other people. If I have to use content from a Word document the text editors that I use all have the built in ability to strip out formatting and return the document to a basic text format.

    The issue of pasting content from word into a CMS or Blog can also easily be dealt with if you have JCE or similar type web-based text editor installed in your CMS or Blog. JCE gives you the option of stripping out all formatting from Word or similar documents by giving you a special Text Paste key that does all the work. Instead of doing a direct paste into the edit screen you use the Text Past key and paste the content into the past window and JCE does the rest. textpasteIf you want to save some of the formatting from Word JCE also allows you to paste using the Word Paste key which preserves paragraphs, ordered and unordered lists and other basic formatting. Be forewarned you still need to tweak the content to deal with some of the excessive spacing Word sticks into it’s’ formatting.

    If you do not use a text editor as your primary writing tool and do not have JCE or similar editor installed in your Blog or CMS, then you need to use a special tool that will strip out Word’s formatting from your clipboard when you cut and paste. Perhaps one the best tools for stripping out Word formatting in Windows is PureText. puretext-pt1This FREE program runs from the task bar and all that you have to do to remove the formatting from the text that you have in your cllpboard is click on the PT. You can also right click on the PT for more options. PureText can also be configured to run as a hotkey so spend a bit of time on the PureText site to find the best way to configure PureText to solve your Word formatting problems.

    If you are using OSX then you will find Plain Clip 2.0 just as powerful and perhaps even easier to use than PureText–it too is FREE. Plain Clip runs as a “faceless” application which means that it has no user interface (windows, menus etc.) at all and when you doubleclick it. You  know it is working by fact that all the formatting will be stripped out of the content from the clipboard. Its just that easy!

    Plain Clip – Carsten Blüm: Mac Development via kwout

    Educational Applications:
    • Indispensable tools for Blogging, working with a CMS or LMS and HTML or any other application where you need to strip out Word formatting.
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