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A Revamped Communication Tool: Digsby

A few months back I wrote an article on 3 of my picks for best Instant Messengers (IM) aggregators ( that collect multiple IM accounts into one place/application. Well I have now had to revamp that list and add one more to the mix, Digsby.

Now that is not to say the others are obsolete but Digsby does have a huge advantage at the moment because it offers the added benefit of aggregating your email and social networking accounts as well. To me this is definitely a game changer as I only have 2 IM accounts but I have many more email accounts and am signed into several social networking sites that I can now aggregate from one application without having to switch back and forth. Digsby has been around for awhile but it wasn’t until recently that they upgraded the speed of their application making it far more usable.

Digsby also allows a task manager that alerts you when things need to get done, a handy feature for the absent minded like myself.

So sounds too good to be true right? Actually that is right, there are a few things that don’t make this the best choice for all people. First it is a down loadable application, which isn’t a bad thing but I really like having these kind of applications online and run in a browser (like Meebo) that way I have access to it wherever I go without being tethered to one computer. a temporary deficiency is that it is Windows only, they are developing other versions but they are not out yet and I am impatient (subscribe to my RSS feed to find out when it becomes available for Mac and Linux).

Now something that is despicable for all of them, their mobile presence or lack thereof. I really don’t know why these companies haven’t got a presence on the iPhone or Blackberry. Everything is moving this way and they really need to have a presence that does a better job of the built in IM’s.

All in all Digsby has a huge amount of potential and may be good enough for most people to use but alas I must wait until a Mac version comes out. You can download the PDF of this comparison chart here or click on the image to view it in a browser.


How can this be used for education?

I will refer to a previous article I posted on IM’s for ways it can be used in education.

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  • Pidgin Wins – For Now…

    pidginIn the Meebo, Adium, and Pidgin three communication tools with strange names post Tyler pointed to the three top instant Message (IM) aggregators, Meebo, Adium and Pidgin and also explained how these tools could enhance the learning environment.

    While I have yet to find a web-based tool that works as good as Meebo, I have made the move from Adium to Pidgin as my primary application based IM aggregator for the following reasons:

    • Simplest and most efficient interface
    • Adding IM accounts is almost foolproof
    • Supports more services
    • Cross platform (Mac PC, Linux/Unix)
    • Supports 3rd party plugins

    Educational uses:

    • Connect, engage and communicate with students using a tool that they all use.
    • Collaborate with peers in real time.
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