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Mind Mapping on Steroids

The folks at Webdesigner Depot have posted 50 Great Examples of Data Visualization. These tools enable one to view large amounts of data in a visual spacial fashion that helps to reveal patters, trends and groups that are not easily observed in the traditional format. Unfortunately, this site lists 50 tools and while I have used several, but not all, I cannot make a recommendation on which tools is the best. Furthermore, the tool you choose or will need will also depend on the type of data that you need to view.

Educational Application:

Being able to present data in a visual spacial format will help most, if not all, learners get better grasp of what the data can reveal.

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  • 280 slides to a better course

    I have run across many online Powerpoint replacements but the one I like the most is 280 slides. Now just so I am not too biased I will list some alternatives at the bottom of the page and will likely write a review of them in the future.

    As I mentioned earlier 280 Slides is an online replacement/supplement for Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote and it is by far the sleekest and sexiest of all the online presentation tools. It is very full featured and allows you to add videos, pictures, text, shapes and even upload powerpoint files.

    280 slides also plays nice with online/rich media making it ideal for engaging presentations. It looks good, is easy to use, and you can even try it out without having an account. 280 slides even allows you to download your presentation to a Powerpoint file so you can use it offline in those instances that the internet connection is a bit sketchy.

    How to use this app in education?

    • Instead of posting your Powerpoint to an LMS just give a link to your online version.
    • Students don’t need to own Powerpoint and you will be the one that is saving them money.
    • Have your students create their presentations here and perhaps have them critique each others work.
    • You can have access to your presentation from anywhere and any computer, no more needing to have Powerpoint on all your computers saving you money.
    • You can use it less as a focal point for presentations and more as a supplement to presentations.

    These are just a few examples of how to replace Powerpoint with 280 Slides. In the future I will compile a list of how to effectively use any presentation application in your classroom without causing the yawn factor.

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