I am sure it has happened to everyone, you get a url link that doesn’t work and you have to type out the whole thing, all 213 characters of it. Or you want to point someone to a great resource but the url length is taking up 3/4 of your email to them. Well there are many tools out there that will take any url and shorten it. That is all they do and they do it with no sign up. I am giving you two different options for URL shorteners that work well.

TinyURL is one of the more popular and is what Twitter uses automatically on longer URLs.

Another tool that works well is zz.gd. Really whichever you pick you will get a service that works well and makes 300 character URLs into 15 characters.

How can this be used in education?

Well lets be honest, all it is going to do is shorten URLs which is a good thing most of the time. If you decide to integrate it into your content however you run the risk of the original URL becomes broken and you have no way of tracing its origins because of the tiny url. I would suggest you only use it when you have a good backup.